20-Year-Old Dies Falling Into A Dam While Taking A Selfie


BEED: A 20-year-old man died on Saturday in the after of falling into a dam in Maharashtra's Beed locale while taking a selfie.Sheik had gone to the Bindusarai dam  in the afternoon with his companions. While clicking a selfie along the edge of the dam, Gazik Sheik and his companion Akhtar Sheik, slipped and fell into it.

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The Bindusarai dam had reached its full capacity from heavy rainfall in Beed over the last few days. Gazik was swept away by the strong currents. Akhtar was however rescued by locals who rushed to help the men.Gazik's body was later recovered by local people.

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Despite the fact that the men were trespassing, the range around the dam did not have any billboards to caution individuals of the threat, nor was there a gatekeeper on obligation.

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