20 trucks set fire in west Midnapore after man dies in road mishap: West Bengal


A unruly mob staged a road blockade and set no less than 20 trucks ablaze on Jhargram-Midnapore road after a truck stacked with sand hit a cyclist and seriously harmed him.
The mischance occurred under the jurisdiction of Kotwali police headquarters in West Midnapore region on late Friday.
The harmed cyclist was taken to Midnapore Medical College and Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds that day.

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After the episode, the angry local people organized a road barricade and set no less than 20 trucks ablaze after they got the news of the cyclist’s demise.
Because of the protest, the vehicle development ground to a halt.
In the wake of being informed of the episode, the cops reached the spot and attempted to bring the circumstance.