20 July 2017: Daily Horoscope



Which is more important: inspiration or perspiration? As indicated by your birthday chart you will require both over the coming 12 months. Success is yours if you want it, however you should get the balance between enthusiasm and enterprise just right.


Whatever you turn your hand to over the next 24 hours will work out better than you expected. One of your strengths is that you are always willing to give something a go – especially when the cynics and critics tell you it cannot be done.


As indicated by the planets there is a danger that you will take on too much and hurt yourself physically or emotionally. Why do you think you have something to prove? You are your who you are and that’s enough – in fact it’s plenty.


It would appear that somehow or other you have failed to satisfy the impossibly high standards you think you should live by. You should be more forgiving of yourself today. Despite what a few people say you are only human!


Somebody will feel the sharp edge of your tongue today, and no doubt they deserve it, but later on you may have second thoughts and wish you had not been quite so aggressive. Tell them you don’t hold a grudge. It’s finished and done with.


For quite some time somebody you have dealings with has been trying to tell you that you mean more to them than only a friend or colleague. The question is, obviously, what do they mean to you? Maybe it’s time to let them know.


Today’s cosmic alignment warns that the only way to get the results you need is to change your present situation. Drastic decisions should be made but, having made them, your life will never be the same again – better yet not the same.


Nothing is impossible for you Libra. No, truly, nothing at all. A few things will be difficult, obviously, but your mood issuch that you won’t let anything faze you. It’s not an issue of if you will win but when.


There is so much going on in your world that you might be having difficulty monitoring it all. Who can you turn to for some advice? Keep your eyes and ears open today – something or somebody will give you the guidance you seek.


You should be open and honest in your communications today. If you leave things vague nobody will know what it is you are trying to communicate and, as a consequence, not a lot of importance will complete. Be blunt if you have to.


You may not be openly passionate by nature but something will get under your skin to such an extent today that you may well go over the top about it. That is great. You should vent your spleen and let off steam more often!


You will need to explore further afield than usual today but the planets warns you should be careful not to stray into regions where you don’t know your way around. Always have a backup plan and always have an escape route planned.


You might be inspired to complete things however don’t expect partners and colleagues will be as motivated as you. Not every person shares your Pisces enthusiasm and this could be one of those days when it is better to do things on your own.