This 2-Year-Old Looks Like Ed Sheeran, Have a look!


The Internet never fails to astound. British singer Ed Sheeran is right now the top pattern on Facebook, and no, it’s not on account of his most recent music collection has been crushing numerous world records since its release. He is slanting on the grounds that the Internet is persuaded a 2-year-old little child looks precisely like him. Truly. A photo of 2-year-old Isla Walton started circulating around the web online after her aunt, Stacey Walton, posted it on Facebook. Little Isla’s auntie says people frequently stop to comment on her similarity to the “Shape of You” artist in light of her ginger hair.

“Everybody comments saying how she’s a junior Ed, and I call her baby Sheeran,” Stacey tells SunOnline. “She cherishes his music, tries to sing in to the words and has a dance.”

“Everybody has been stating that Isla appears as though him for quite a while and I never considered anything it,” Isla’s mom Zoe tells the media. “It was the point at which my sister Stacey put it online we got heaps of comments from individuals.”

“Regardless I can’t trust it myself that my little Isla has gone so viral,” she shouts.

“Why does this child look more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does?” is the most common caption people are tweeting underneath pictures of Isla. Her photo has been shared countless times crosswise over social media platform.

“Each time I see Ed Sheeran now I can’t not picture that Ed sheeran baby,” tweets Stephanie Dunne.

“In the event that you ever have an awful day, simply take a gander at the Ed Sheeran baby and you’ll understand that the world is alright,” composes Ross Pickering.