2 sisters were found hanging 52 days apart after being sexually abused in Kerala


A town in Kerala’s Palakkad area got a huge shock when 9-year-old girl was found hanging in her home a week ago. A postmortem examination uncovered that she had been sexually abused. Exactly 52 days prior, her elder sister, a 14-year-old, was seen hanging at a similar spot. The police said she had been sexually abused too. The investigation in that case is still not over. The police are yet to see if it was a case of suicide or murder.

Their distraught mother has affirmed that her elder daughter was sexually abused many times by a relative. But he had not been permitted inside the house since. “I have seen her being abused and he was not permitted to go to the house after that,” the mother told the media.

The 9-year-old’s body was found on the evening of March 4. Her parents – daily wagers – were far from home and came back to find their daughter’s body.

The family said she had been very close to her elder sister. A student of Class IV at the town school, she had even given an announcement to the police about observing two men leave their house the day her sister was discovered dead.

“The postmortem report demonstrates they were sexually abused,” said Ajith Kumar, Inspector-General of Police. “Prior, we had considered it just as a case of unnatural death”. The abuse had been even more horrible in case of the younger girl, and the police will enlist a case of rape and unnatural sex, he included.

Suspecting procedural lapses, the State Human Rights Commission has requested a detailed report from the police within a month.