2 sisters, aged 1 and 3, died after getting locked inside a banquet hall in Delhi


A one-year-old girl passed on after getting locked inside a banquet hall while playing in west Delhi's Nihal Vihar region, police said on Monday.

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Two sisters, aged one and three, were accounted for to miss since September 16 and a protestation was held up in this association at the Nihal Vihar police headquarters, they said.

The two were followed on Monday evening from the banquet hall in Nihal Vihar. The younger one succumbed at the healing center because of starvation and drying out while the senior one is recovering, police said.

The father of the girls works as a watchman in the near by region and they had gone to play inside the banquet hall however got bolted inside when someone close the doors, said the officer.

No injustice has been distinguished till now, said the officer, including further investigation is on.

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