2 More Women accuse Donald Trump of unwarranted sexual advances


Two more ladies including a hopeful on Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice" approached on Friday to blame the presidential contender for unwarranted sexual advances.

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They were the latest in a stream of ladies blaming Trump for ruthless sexual conduct, adding to the burdens of his now free-falling presidential offer.

Summer Zervos, a contender in season five on Trump's reality TV show, said that after he "fired" her she stayed in contact with him, seeing him as a mentor. The victor of every season in the now-old program landed a position with the Trump Organization.

In 2007, Trump arranged to meet Zervos at the Beverly Hills hotel for dinner to discuss job. Rather, she said, when she showed up she was taken to a bungalow and Trump began kissing and touching her.

"He started kissing me forcefully and set his hand on my breast," Zervos told a news gathering in Los Angeles.

She included: "He put me in an embrace and I attempted to push him away. I pushed his mid-section to put space amongst us and I said 'come on man, get real.' He rehashed my words back to me, 'get real', as he started pushing his genitals."

Zervos said she chose to stand up subsequent to listening to Trump deny – amid last Sunday's level headed discussion – that he had ever carried on like a sexual stalker.

A video tape discharged two days before by the Washington Post highlights Trump gloating he escaped with snatching ladies by the groin since he is popular.

Additionally on Friday a previous trying model, Kristin Anderson, told the Post that Trump had steered up to her in a club in the mid 1990s came to under her skirt and touched her vagina through her undies.

Trump precludes the large number from claiming affirmations he now confronts, calling them lies.

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