2 arrests for leaking sensitive military information through fake telecom centres


The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) captured two individuals on Friday for running fake telecommunication centers, purportedly helping cross-fringe offices in acquiring sensitive military information.

As indicated by reports, the denounced used to connect VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls to individuals in India, which are accepted to have begun from Pakistan.

The Maharashtra ATS followed up on intel given by the Military Intelligence Agency in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the main strike in Latur, a 33-year-old was captured for running an illicit telecommunication booth. He had been running it for as long as six months. The police seized 96 sim cards, a computer, three call transforming machines. The property is evaluated to be worth Rs 1,90,000.

As indicated by the DOT authorities, assessed add up to income loss to the national exchequer by this unlawful action is Rs 9 crore.

Following up on his testimony, the authorities attacked a shop next in Latur, and busted another fake call transferring centre. About 14 sim cards and different random electronic things were seized from the shop.

One after another, another den was busted in Latur itself, a rented room of a 27-year-old who was gotten with more than 64 sim cards, a laptop and two unapproved international gateway machines.

The man had been running the illicit place for as long as five months and furthermore used to sell sim cards. Add up to income loss figured by DOT authorities for this situation is Rs 6 crore.

Examination for the situation is in progress. More details awaited.