2 Arrested For Murder Of Man Who Objected To Public Urination


Two students, one of them a minor, have been captured after a man was thumped for protesting open pee in Delhi throughout the end of the week. E-rickshaw puller Ravinder Kumar had passed on that night.

The episode drew gigantic attention, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and different leaders saying the man was promoting the “Swacch Bharat” (Clean India).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a four-country trip, denounced the killing and requested that the specialists rebuff the guilty parties. Union priest Venkaiah Naidu, said he has requested that Delhi’s police official take the “strongest action possible against the culprits.”

On Saturday evening, Mr Kumar had questioned when he saw two men urinating outside the GTB Nagar Metro Station in north Delhi. When he questioned, the men debilitated that they would get back. Eyewitnesses said the men had been drinking nearby.

Afterward, the men returned with a gang and beat up Mr Kumar.Another E-rickshaw driver, who attempted to intercede, was likewise assaulted.

Mr Kumar, who had not supported any real wounds, did not visit a doctor. Be that as it may, that night, he fell oblivious. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors said he was dead.