17 Sins according to Garuda Purana that lead you straight to HELL


Hinduism is accepted to be one of the most seasoned religions and is frequently named as Sanatana Dharma, the everlasting way. It is said that Lord Brahma was given the obligation of origination of life; Lord Vishnu volunteered see the life experienced great karma and dharma, and Lord Shiva was swung up to for pulverization.

Garuda-Vishnu discussion

Master Vishnu bestowed all the learning of Dharma, Karma and Paap to his mount (vahana), Garuda; this trade of information and discussion prompted to origin of Garuda Purana.

Garuda Purana

At the point when Lord Vishnu was enquired by Garuda about hellfire and paradise occupants, the previous said, “The individuals who dependably savor the experience of wrong deeds, who move in the opposite direction of good deeds, go from damnation to hellfire, from hopelessness to wretchedness, and dread to fear.”

17 sins of Kaliyuga

Taking after are the 17 sins that if submitted, would sent anybody straight to hellfire, without anguish through the torments of Vaitaraṇī River; by and by they would wished to have endured it, then being turning up in HELL!

  1. Slaughtering a Brahmin (a minister in the administration of God), living through intoxicated state, breaking sacred pledges and guarantees, murdering hatchling and decimating an incipient organism, are viewed as a grave sin and prompt to outrageous disciplines in hellfire.
  2. Killing a lady, undressing the humility of a lady and those, who stand quiet to such a demonstration. Hurting a lady or murdering her, while she conveys an existence within her.
  3. Selling out somebody’s trust, and utilizing poison as a weapon for death.
  4. Looking downward on spots of heavenly journeys, misleading great individuals, returning favors with affront and mishandle; putting down the presence of religious sacred texts Puraṇas, the Vedas, the Mimamsa, the Nyāya and the Vedānta.
  5. Who don’t have sympathy for the powerless and rebuff the feeble, are taken straight to hellfire.
  6. Intentionally not offering nourishment and water to somebody in critical need, and sending visitors off your doorstep without bolstering them.
  7. Who grabs away whatever given to help other people, who laments their altruistic choices, grabbing without end somebody’s occupation, for possess great.
  8. Who stays in administration of God, however is included in purchasing and offering of alcohol and meat, associating with men and ladies other than their companion.
  9. Butchering of creatures for individual delight.
  10. Wanting King’s significant other, a honorable man’s better half and being lecherous towards ladies of a similar family. Mishandling young ladies against their insight and wish; criticizing the uprightness of blameless (be it man or spouse.)
  11. Giving false witness, performing terrible deed to bring inconvenience on pure; offering truth in the hands of abhorrence are grave sins.
  12. Brining damage and demolition to Mother Nature, by cutting trees, devastating products and woods, sanctuaries of the nature’s conceived.
  13. Decimating celibacy of dowagers; and requesting a man to break the limits of marriage are equivalent sins according to God.
  14. Dismissing the necessities of life partner and kids and attacking; neglecting ancestors, lead you to damnation.
  15. Who don’t adore Shiva, Vishnu, Surya, Ganesha and Durga, and insolence love to God..
  16. Who with expectation of defame, submit transgression with lady under the pretense of giving them shelter, is a delinquent. Blinded by enthusiasm, who commandingly partner with month to month amid their month to month courses and amid the time of Shraddha.
  17. Whoever tosses their substantial can’t, in the heavenly fire, blessed water, in garden or cowshed, is tormented by Yama in damnation.