16-yr-old girl allegedly raped, killed and set on Fire


New Delhi: In New Delhi India’s capital, another horrifying occurrence take place, a teenage girl was allegedly raped, killed and her body was set on fire. On Thursday according to sources, the police originate the charred body at her house in Delhi's Gandhi Nagar neighbourhood. Police has also further conveyed that, they have detained the two men and had registered two cases next to the accused, one for murder and the other for harassing the victim's friend. Reports also has further exposed that, during examination, one of the victim's friends exposed that two young men from the locality used to stalk her and the dead girl. Police officer has also further conveyed that, one of the detained men is a serial sexual offender.

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There are several cases against him. Police originally suspected that it was a suicide, though; an autopsy confirmed the murder. Sources have also further conveyed that, the girl lived in Gandhi Nagar and was alone at her home when the incident took place. Her parents and brother were not home at the time. The two youths allegedly came to her house and murdered her after sexually assaulting her. They also allegedly tried to burn her body. Sources conveyed that, her half burned body was recovered in the evening when her brother returned after work. Sources conveyed that the post-mortem also established rape before murder. During investigation, police questioned the people in the locality.

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