12 strange facts about virgo

  1. Don’t ask a virgo for his or her honest opinion if you’re merely looking for some comfort. Virgos don’t mind giving it to you straight – they will give you their most honest assessment, so be ready when you ask them to love to criticised and talk direct, honest so somebody always said i have ‘mulut laser’ so all the virgos, no matter what the description is…be proud of yourself!!
  2. Virgos are great at feigning indifference when deep down inside, they care (sometimes a little too much!). they excel at concealing this part of their emotional life so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your virgo crush exhibiting encouraging behaviour always looks COOL yeayayyayayyyy!
  3. Virgos are so matter-of-fact that they detest those who whine and complain incessantly. don’t bring your petty woes to attention of a virgo friend. you won’t find the kind of comfort and encouragement you need there!
  4. Virgos are perhaps the pickiest sign out there. they can be exact and particular that it seems nothing will ever good enough for them. the truth is, virgos are just picky by nature ouchhhhhhhhhh!
  5. Virgos often appear aloof or arrogant but deep down inside, they are extremely grounded and humble people. don’t be fooled by the cool and unaffected facade virgos generally put on sooo truee…usually 1st impression people always saw me as arrogant and fierce.
  6. Every virgo is an enigma so don’t get frustrated if you can’t figure out your virgo love interest or friend immediately. don’t consume yourself with the task of figuring out a Virgo – unless you are prepared to get lost along the way.
  7. Virgos are mysterious people by nature and value their privacy. they don’t trust others easily so expect it to take a while before you can uncover the private life of your virgo friend so true…hard to trust but once trust…hmmm
  8. Virgos unleashed their wild sides only in the company of those they trust. they often appear stand-offish with acquaintances because they are concealing a much more adventurous nature hidden within
  9. When virgos love, they love deeply and madly. this makes them particularly possessive and fearful of losing the ones they love…… this sound veryyyyy trueee okey
  10.   Virgos are curious by nature which lends most virgos an eagerness to learn. don’t be suprised if a virgo you know comes back from a previous conversation suddenly knowing everything there is to know that topic.
  11.  Virgos are extremely observant and detect phonies and fakeness. they do not tolerate games amongst friends or lovers are quick to drop those who exhibit such behavior
  12.  Virgos have an insatiable appetite for control and they often wind up falling in love with someone who is the polar opposite of their usual self. their curious nature and taste for exploration often leads virgo to be attracted to their opposites – which sometimes lead to perfect yin and yang                                     Click here for more latest hindi news