12 killed, 10 wounded in suicide car bomb blast in Kabul


Kabul: Nearly 12 died and 10 others injured in a suicide car bomb blast that took place on Monday in the western part of Kabul.  As per an Interior Ministry spokesman in the Afghan capital, the death toll of the attack will increase soon.

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Kabul police officials seized off the area after the attack, situated near the house of the deputy government Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq in Kabul. The reports revealed that several Shi’ite Hazara community resides in that particular area.

Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish stated at least 12 people had been dead and 10 injured. The death toll might raise in the coming days.

The new suicide bombing triggered out the merciless violence in Afghanistan. Nearly 1,662 civilians died in the first half of 2017.  The attack was held  two weeks following the Islamic State group targeted mosque in the capital that take the lives of nearly four people.

In 2017, the death tolls of Kabul was noted nearly 20 percent of all civilian death. Over 150 people in a bomb explosion that took place in the month of May.

It also coincide with the U.S. administration weighing up its planned options for Afghanistan, including the possibility of sending more troops to bolster the exercise and optional mission already helping Afghan forces.

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It additionally harmonize with the U.S. organization weighing up its planned alternatives for Afghanistan, involving the likelihood of sending more troops to support the exercise and optional mission as of now assisting Afghan forces.