12 fantastically romantic destinations around the world


From the glistening waters of the Maldives to the snow-clad peaks of Jammu and Kashmir, the world is peppered with exotic romantic destinations. While cities like Paris and Rome soaked in European charm are more popular choices for romantic outings, couples can also venture out to other destinations that are lesser-crowded and equally stunning. Wine and dine by the Venetian waters in Venice, gaze at the gorgeous sunsets in Santorini, catch a passionate tango performance in Buenos Aires, or simply stroll hand-in-hand on the cobblestone lanes of Bruges with your loved one—here are our picks of the world’s most romantic destinations that you can escape to, this Valentine’s Day, for an unforgettable vacation.

The Maldives
What’s more romantic than a candlelight dinner by the azure seas, and staying at one of the bungalows strung along the water’s edge. The Maldives is the land of pristine beaches shadowed by tall palms, where you can just sit for long hours, gaze at the picturesque sundown, and enjoy endless conversations with your sweetheart. Easily one of the most romantic archipelagos in the world, Maldives is as luxurious, private and decadent as it gets, for a memorable vacation with your significant other.

Jammu and Kashmir, India
Having earned its nickname as paradise on Earth on account of its snow-clad peaks and fog-engulfed hills, Jammu and Kashmir is possibly the most romantic destination in India. Book a stay in a houseboat on the glistening waters of Srinagar’s Dal Lake, take Gulmarg’s iconic gondola ride over snowy Himalayan peaks, or stroll hand-in-hand on the verdant fields of Pahalgam—J&K is a melange of multiple staggeringly beautiful and romantic experiences.

Santorini, Greece
Greece’s old-world charm attracts travellers from across the globe. And Santorini, an island in Greece not only fills you up with vistas of stunning sunsets and azure waters, but overwhelms with you with its Cycladic white-washed homes, breathtaking blue-domed churches, quiet lanes and a colour-changing skyline. A spectacular Greek isle, Santorni has everything going for it that makes it a well-known romantic destination.

Paris, France
Paris really is a city of lovers. Evocative architecture, cobblestone streets and a romantic ambience—a visit to this city is like walking into a painting. Gaze at the sundown by the banks of Seine, climb up the Eiffel for the most beautiful vistas of the skyline, reward yourself with a glass of champagne from the bar perched at the very top of the tower, or simply get lost in the maze of cobblestone streets—the city has everything to overwhelm you and your significant other with its European charm.

Bali, Indonesia
Home to pristine white-sand beaches, spectacular mountains, emerald-green rice fields, and stunning temples, Bali is undeniably enchanting. Wine and dine at a cabana by the turquoise blue waters, pamper yourself with a couple’s spa package, watch the gorgeous sunsets at Uluwatu, stroll through the rice paddies, or explore the scenic locales of this Indonesian island—with so many romantic experiences to offer, Bali easily tops the list of romantic destinations in the East.

Seville, Spain
Easily one of the most stunning cities in Spain, Seville oozes romance, elegance and charm. Take a leisurely walk in Seville’s old city, explore quaint eateries tucked away in the labyrinth of cobblestone lanes, or wine and dine at a candlelit table by the waters of the river—this city will overwhelm you with many quintessential romantic experiences.

Kyoto, Japan
A land of tranquillity, Kyoto boasts of its mystical bamboo forests, stunning shrines, centuries-old palaces and temples. Home to stunning architectural marvels, the capital city of Japan is for those couples who love exploring green patches, history and culture together. Visit Kyoto during the cherry blossom season and witness the stunning vistas of red, orange and yellow hues dominating the landscapes.

Venice, Italy
Sail in the Venetian waters, walk hand-in-hand across the Rialto Bridge, unwind over a glass of Venetian wine, have a candlelight dinner on the pier, or stroll through the dreamy village of Burano—every nook and corner of Venice is idyllic for a romantic outing. With glimpses of artisans at their creative best, cooks whipping up mouth-watering dishes and musicians humming everything from classical tunes to rock, Venice is very much popular with the quintessential romantics.

Vienna, Austria
Endlessly fascinating, Vienna overwhelms travellers with its stunning Baroque palaces, impressive cathedrals, charming trams and cafes tucked away in quieter lanes. Add to that, the serene Danube River running through this Austrian city offers a cluster of vantage points, sit-outs by the waters and photo ops. There’s nothing here that does not spell romance!