11killed, 21 injured in multiple vehicle crash in China


The accident happened in Zibo city, when a heavily loaded tractor collided with vehicles, including two buses, at a road crossing.

 The loss of life from a multi-vehicle heap up including two transports, an auto and a cruiser, in China's eastern Shandong Province has ascended to 11, authorities said. Another 21 were harmed in the mishap which occurred on Thursday, state-run Xinhua news organization reported.

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The mischance happened in Zibo city, when a vigorously stacked tractor slammed into vehicles, including two transports, at a street crossing. An examination concerning the reason for the mischance is in progress.

No less than 11 individuals have been killed and 20 others harmed, including two truly, when a vehicle heap up happened on Thursday in east China including two transports, an auto and a cruiser.

The heap up occurred around 8:23 am and four people on a transport, one in the auto and another in the truck passed on, an underlying report said. Two of the 21 harmed were said to be in basic condition.

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