11 Things you should not say on first date


Your first date should be amazing. And for that you must behave in a certain way with your date. For that you should not these things on your first date.

1. I want to love you
  – don’t jump on things it’s just your first date..

2. So, what’s wrong with you ?
   – nasty?  No. be polite.

3. Wow, this is so weird
    – Don’t make situation awkward for your partner by saying that.

4. My therapist tells me that I should really stop talking to my ex.
     -don’t drag your ex between the conversations.  It’s a big turn off

5. I think, I love you.
   – no no you cant tell them your feeling on first date. Its too soon.

6. You seem nervous .
  – don’t make your partner nervous by saying that.

7. you’re cute too be single .
  – don’t flirt too much.

8. You’ll definitely have to smoke more weed if you hang out with me.
      -don’t ever force them  to do anything in which they are not comfortable

9. You remind me of my mom
     -no don’t say that. How can your partner remind you of your mom.

10. You’re not the type of person I usually go for.
      – don’t  make them feel that they are not your type.

11. You’re kind of eating a lot.
      – again don’t be rude.