100-Year-Old Woman assassinated In Punjab


PATIALA: A 100-year-old woman was found assassinated in her fields on Monday at a village near Punjab's Patiala. The report revealed that she was raped by someone. 
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The victim’s body was found in a pool near paddy fields in Daub Kalan village.  The reports revealed that the victim undergone serious injury.

The incident took place around midnight when the family was sleeping. The reports revealed that the grandmother used to sleep in the open.

"In the morning we found her dead. She had been raped and died because of the wounds in her head," he said.   

A case of murder has been filed by the police. Rape charges will be added if post-mortem confirmed it, an officer said.

"Based on preliminary investigations, we can rule out dispute over property. It could be the work of some drug addicts," Harvinder Virk, a police officer, said.

A Congress delegation will meet governor on Tuesday to talk regarding the matter.

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