10 things for healthy hair


For long and shinny hair shampoo and conditioners are not enough. You need to add some nutrients in your diet. To make your hair healthy add these things in your diet

1 Eggs: Eggs contain protein. And protein is very good for hair.

2 Berij: Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and cranberry are very healthy for hair. They give volume to hair.

3 Carrot: Carrot is full of vitamin -A. it makes scalp healthy.

4. Green tea: Green tea have antioxidants, vitamin- A, C , D which makes hair stronger.

5. Green vegetables: Green vegetables are not only good for your skin but it also makes your hair strong. Add broccoli, fenugreek too your   meal

6. Nuts: Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts are rich source of omega 3 which makes hair stronger and longer.

7. Low fat dairy products: For long and shiny hair you can add low fat products in your diet.

8. Avacado:  Avocado is rich in omega3, fatty acid and vitamin B and c   which makes hair stronger and healthier.