10-Feet-Long King Cobra Pulled Out From a Car, Watch Horrifying Video


A video uploaded by People’s Daily, China, demonstrates the 10-Feet-Long King Cobra Pulled Out From a Carminute a police group in China hauled out an enormous king cobra from a car’s motor compartment. The cobra, 3 meters or roughly 10-feet-long, was caught in southwest China’s Yunnan region. In the video, a team of four policemen cooperate to open the minivan’s hood and haul out the snake out with snake catcher sticks. Weighing an astounding 4.6 kg, the king cobra being referred to likewise declined to get into the bag that the policemen had prepared for it.

Watch the video here:

The video has been seen more than 70,000 times on Facebook and has gathered more than 1,000 responses.

“Will require a greater bag sir,” jokes a Facebook client on seeing the policemen battling with the snake.

As indicated by nearby reports, the snake was released into a jungle.